Tuesday, December 8, 2020

How Are We Helping Those in Need?

We’re keeping the spirit of the season alive by helping others in need.

This has been a tough season for many local families.

We have decided to partner with a good friend and social worker at a local high school, to identify 12

families that we can collectively bless. We personally met each family a few days before Thanksgiving

when we delivered $5k in gift cards, cash, and prayers.

We thought that was the end, but as we got to know these families better and heard their stories,

we knew it wouldn’t be right not to continue. 

  • Mom of 3 can’t work due to chemo.

  • Mom taking care of a disabled husband who can’t work. Behind on rent and utilities. *We

            got them caught up, but every month is a month they are falling behind.
  • 10th grader living w/ extended family and is responsible for his utilities, food, etc.

  • 22-year-old taking care of his 3 younger sisters. Mom passed away last year. 

       The AJ Team will be donating $10k to these families.     

These are just a few of the stories. They are heartbreaking and hit far too close to home.

Many times I find that when we are looking to change the world, God is simply asking us to take

care of our neighbors.

Our plan is to bless these families with the help of our family (YOU)!

The AJ Team will be donating $10k to these families for rent, utilities, and emergency funds.

It would be a blessing for you to consider adopting a family or donate a gift card.

Below are links to e-gift cards. You can send them directly to Erin!

Erin Hancock: HancocES@pwcs.edu  703.200.3151

Our goal is to have these gift cards distributed to these families by December 15, 2020. If you

prefer to donate directly through our non-profit organization, Be a Blessing Foundation, Inc. to take

advantage of tax-deductible charitable contributions, that link is below as well. **Receipts will be

provided for any donation over $250. Please include an email address for delivery.

If you’d like to be involved in an ongoing manner, feel free to reach out to Erin directly. This is NOT about the AJ Team..... This is about God’s work and us collectively being His hands and feet. Thank you.

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